Whether a chilly morning or a cozy afternoon or an evening beverage, nothing beats a cappuccino. And, when you know how to make a cappuccino like a pro, the enjoyment if even greater. There are many factors involved in what makes a great cappuccino, which will definitely have everyone in the house considering you as a pro. The machine will make a difference, the espresso beans, the froth, and the flavoring. Following is a great how to guide to get you started towards making a cappuccino.
The Machine
You will find many different types of espresso machines on the market, steam driven, piston driven, pump driven, stove top and air pressure driven. Other variations include semi- automatic, super automatic and semi-automatic.
When you choose your machine, you definitely want to choose a machine that comes with an integrated bean grinder, strength controls, pre-moistening cycle, hot water dispenser, cup warmer, frothing wand, bypass doser and water filter and is pod compatible. These are all factors that will constitute a great cappuccino.
Study a bit on each brand, and choose the best for you, and make sure that it has the features mentioned above.
How to Make a Cappuccino
Let’s start with the tools and ingredients you will need
• Espresso maker
• Milk- skim milk will work the best and create the best froth and flavor
• Espresso beans
• Flavoring
You will need to be familiar with your espresso machine, so, start by reading the owner’s manual to the machine. Once you are familiar with the machine, read over the instruction manual on the proper amount of espresso to use in the machine’s filter. Make the proper right portion of espresso beans for the filter.
Make the espresso surface flat by tamping the espresso down firmly. Take the filter basket and place it into the machine, catch the filtering espresso with an espresso cup, once we start the production.
Take your skim milk and put it in a chilled pitcher and steam the milk until it reaches a temperature of at least 140 degrees. Once you have the milk steamed you will then begin to brew your espresso. Turn the brewer to the on position to begin brewing.
The foaming of the milk is what makes a great cappuccino. When you can foam the milk to perfection, you make a cup of cappuccino like a pro. You want to create plenty of foam. To create the foam, you will need to tilt the steamer or pitcher that holds the milk and bring the steaming wand up towards the top of the milk as it creates the foam. Gently circle the top of the milk to create more and more foam.
You’ll want to fill the espresso cup one third of the way with nice, thick foam. Once you have your foam where you want it, remove the steam wand and pour the shot of espresso into the cup.
Put Together the Espresso
Now that you have prepared the component to the espresso like a pro, it is time to put the espresso together like a pro. Take the espresso mug, with the shot of espresso in it and pour the steamed milk on top of the espresso to bring the liquid up to two thirds of the mug’s capacity.
Now, you will want to carefully spoon the foamed milk onto the top of the espresso milk mixture with a long handled spoon. If you are going to flavor your espresso, you will want to do so before you add the steamed milk to the top of the espresso.
There you have it! You’ve just made a great tasting espresso, like a pro. Being able to make a great espresso is a wonderful skill and one that you can enjoy each day, as well as, delight others with a great tasting espresso made like a pro. There is something very nice about having a nice hot cup of espresso each day, or visiting a home where you are offered a nice, hot espresso. With a little practice, you can create the perfect espresso each time, and feel like the master of your own kitchen. And, definitely feel as though you are competition for Starbucks!

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